What is the Lodge?

Where did it all begin? 

For a number of years there have been discussions between Freemasons about forming an ‘F1’,  ‘Pit Lane’ or ‘Motorsports’ themed Lodge. In the UK there are several motorsport Lodge’s, but none where all the brethren have a common passion in Formula One. Freemasonry is currently experiencing a surge in special themed/interest Lodges and therefore, in late 2019 it was suggested that we canvas opinion and gauge what interest there is in the concept of an F1 Lodge. The interest has surpassed all expectations!

Interest in forming a Formula One themed Lodge has grown rapidly and a ‘Steering Wheel Committee’ was appointed in early 2020 to ensure we structure the Lodge in the strongest way for our F1 brethren. Since mid 2020, the committee have been working with an aligning London Lodge, to enable an ‘Overtake’ instead of forming a new Lodge. The ‘Steering Wheel Committee’ is now in the final stages of joining the Overtake Lodge and then welcoming as many F1 enthusiasts into the newly energised Lodge. Even though 2021 will be a transitional year for the Lodge, it is also its Centenary and we plan to celebrate this great achievement in style.

Interest? Please get in touch and join the crew!

Purpose of the Lodge 

To provide a means of regular congregation for brethren with an interest in Formula One and motorsports in general, while encouraging and support Freemasons on their Masonic journey.  

4 Replies to “What is the Lodge?”

  1. I love the image on the front page!

    Can I join through this form? It is mentioned on the front page.

  2. Being a founder and the first Worshipful Master of the Silverstone Lodge No 9877, which meets in Silverstone village and is for those with motorsport and local community interests, I wish the F1 Lodge every success. I look forward to the two Lodges having a close future relationship. W. Bro. Dermot Bambridge PPrGSwdB, Silverstone, Northants

    1. Hi Dermot,
      Congrats on your formation and your appointment as WM. How exciting.
      We really must forge close ties with you. Would you be able to make it to London to one of our meetings?

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